Winsome surely came out of her mother’s womb singing as she sings constantly even replies to a question with a song.

At the tender age of six Winsome started singing in her primary school productions and would often be seen constantly holding a brush at break time in the playground  pretending to be an artist on Top of the pops back in the 70’s

She continued singing and dancing in school productions throughout her school life.

Winsome greatest influences are from the reggae genre and are Marcia Griffiths, Carroll Thompson and Louisa Marks, however she also adores Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige and Keisha Cole

In her teens she  entered a few talent competitions in Birmingham where she hails from and at the  age  17 Winsome and he friend Michelle Sutherland aka Sugar and Spice  entered  a singing competition called rising Star put on by Cecil Morris from PCRL  at  The Tasha’s Night Club which they won and was judged by two icons in the industry  Carroll Thompson and Ruby Turners

In 1981 a mutual friend  introduced the duo  to  Mr laurel Aitkin’s the ska legend from the sixties well known for the tune “ Guilty of loving you”  Michelle Sutherland and Winsome formed a duo called Sugar and Spice and recorded their first tune called Sweet Loving for Mr Aitkins which reached No 2 in the Black Echoes reggae charts. Sugar and Spice enjoyed success and was touring nationally performing regularly.

Some of Winsome’s fondest moments are as follows:-

  • Having Carol Thompson and the great Ruby Turner from Birmingham judge her at the competitions that she won.
  • Backing Judy Boucher at the London Palladium singer of the great No 1 “I can’t be with you tonight” with her Lovers Rock band Family Love who have had great hits with Anniversary and Decisions.
  • Supporting and backing the great Louis Marks at the Hummingbird Night Club in Birmingham
  • Performing at the Indigo 02 in Greenwich on the Giants of Lover Rock in 2013
  • “Hurting Me” video, photo shoot and single release party all in one day 2nd April 2015 with Urban Delight


Winsome decided to move to London in 1984 to seek her fortune and to go on to higher education at the London Southbank where she graduated as a Career Advisor . She officially joined the lovers rock band Family Love in 1985, the band gave you hits like Anniversary and Decisions.

Winsome left the band in 1990 to start a family. The band decided to reform in 2013 and Winsome released “Tell me why”

Family Love featuring Winsome Moncrieffe—Mitchell released “Hurting Me” on the 2nd April which is receiving some nice reviews from individuals and DJ’s etc.

Winsome is a strong believer in God and gives thanks daily that she is able to sing and go about her everyday life as she experienced a mini stroke on the 1st April 2014 this has changed her outlook on life which she now lives to the fullest.

Her day time job is working with young people age 14 – 17 who are under achieving and are not maximising their full potentials, she sometimes organises workshop or  events   via performing productions to help increase their motivation and raise their aspirations.

She resides in London with her four children and feels she will continue to sing and dance until there is no life left in her. She often says life is for living, we have one life to live so I am going to live it by loving the life I live and living the life I love. Her favourite lyric by Bob Marley is one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

Winsome is currently enjoying promoting new single “Hurting Me” written by Lloyd Heron Family Love and has a few exciting projects with Urban Delight Ent which will see more new music and genres for you to be entertained.