the original doctor

The Original Doctor has been spinning tunes music since 1982 and was initially a member of the Magnumboyz sound.

They mainly specialise in playing RnB, Soul, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, and Old skool, although the music range can easily stretch to Reggae, Bashment, Funky, Garage, Afro Beats.

The main vibe is a party/club vibe, and they have had DJ slots on stations such as Street FM, Millennium Supreme and Juice FM.

They have interviewed artists such as Xhibit, John Legend ,Seleena Johnson, The Game, Ryan Leslie , Nivea, Beverly Knight, Lamar and Ice Cube to name but a few.

They play a lot of private and self promoted functions and do a lot of work with various community radio stations and various record companies.

One thing they never lose sight of is the actual reason why they are there!!!  Which is to play good music for the audience. (A good DJ should never forget this)!!

The audience is the most important thing in a rave. If they are not happy then they won’t come back.

Entertainment value is a must.