An up coming UK artist setting his own trend and hoping to corner his own market. The 27yrs young rapper has been rapping since school days. It’s About Time – his first mixtape was released last year February, and is available for free download on Datpiff (a world known website for downloading music).  Paige will soon release an official EP which he is currently working on called  “PS & One More Thing”. The music industry is looking for new talent this modern day an age, the doors are wide open embracing diversity,  versatility and creativity, three of which the young rapper has. Only this year has he put his working gloves on and buckled down to getting himself heard.  Paige Smiley hopes to collaborate with some of the world’s most current rappers in the game, so far his passion and hunger has enticed a few well known events one of which is Bristol Carnival.

You can follow Paige on Twitter @pdot_dizzle or subscribe to his YouTube channel “ItsYourBoyDot”.