Vocool has traditionally had a strong ethos to support charitable organisations.  We invite various, often locally based charity organisers to come along to our Vocool events to provide our audiences with information regarding their cause.  This is a great platform to help promote worthy causes and raise funds via donation buckets, raffles and competitions.

This Month’s Good Cause (May 2016)


refWith approximately 52,000 refugees across Greece, the ancient city of Athens is struggling under severe austerity to house around 10,000 refugees. There are around 31 temporary reception centres nationwide with six in Athens. All attempt to care for the refugees running on the bare minimum of donated food, clothes and very little in the way of protection from the ever-growing heat and sun.
My name is Louisa Bello, I have been volunteering in Calais for over six months and I recently visited a disused school in the centre of Athens which is home to 114 families from Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq all whom have been registered in the Greek relocation programme but, because of the overwhelming numbers of refugees in the programme and little in the way of shelter available, this means they will have to live in this unsafe, crumbling building for up to 2 years. The children run around the concreted playground mostly playing, but many cry, many crave attention and activity and a few I watched simply sitting and staring despondently into the raging blue sky above. Who knows what they see. Hopefully better days.Probably the horrors of their journey to this point. A young Palestinian refugee teacher, Abeer, struggles to teach up to 40 children of all ages daily and for as long as she can to keep them entertained and educated. It is estimated that these wars and displacement have set the child victims back by at least 10 years educationally. Think about that for a moment. These children are our future. When I met Abeer, I could see through her smiles and happiness to have some support for a few days that she was tired and suffering herself and soon she told me that she had recently received her papers -soon she will be relocated to her family in Germany and these children won’t have a teacher at all.
The centre is loosely run by local volunteers, struggling to feed everyone once a day on extremely limited funds, let alone provide basic levels of hygiene or education. While i was there the plumbing broke and the refugees and volunteers were trying to fix it themselves. There was no running water. So, this is where your donations come in. whatever we raise, I will send to this school, to support these desperate humans, our brothers and sisters who, through simple accident of birth – let’s face it, none of these people chose to start these bloody wars or live in abject poverty – they are all simply trying to take their families to a safer, more harmonious future as we would all do in their situations. I will buy classroom equipment, food, sun block for the children, bedding and anything else needed. With your help we could ease the lives of 114 families – victims of war.


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