poet elektric

A poet at heart, she raps, she sings, she acts.

Elektric is a 22 year old artist from the midlands UK. Her music fuses old school Hip Hop and RnB with electronica backed up with accessible singer – songwriter style.

Her music aims to educate, excite and embrace through her music and poetry. A unique sound in a scene full of MCs or singers Elektric’s music is refreshing and original and represents and champions the underground vibe of the Midland’s cool kid scene.

Taking influences from all genres of music from reggae, soul and hip hop, to pop rock, indie and most importantly her life, Elektric uses here Music to express what its like to be a young, mixed race, gay, female artist in 21st century Britain.

Currently signed to producer baby J, who has produced for Amy Winehouse, Estelle, Skinnyman, Dead Prez and Jamie Joseph.

Elektric fist EP ‘Not another love song’ is available now.

Web – www.thisiselektric.com

Facebook- thisiselektric

Twitter-   @ thisiselektric



“I would like to bless the world with music, encourage, enlighten and educate. And I hope my music can do that.”


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01332 203327