During this musical journey Vocool will feature an unlimited number of artists, some signed and of course some unsigned. Majority of these artists if not all will feature at one of the Vocool live events. From speaking to quite a few of the artists who have not had the breaks which their talent richly deserves, these live showcases enables a platform to shine.

Just like you and I in our chosen vocations these artists need support and sometimes encouragement. We believe, you the audience and we the promoters will provide this haven for their talents.

If you’ve read about us then you’ll understand.  The aim is simple, we want to uncover the next  “you”. There is some much richness and undiluted talents in our community which is just waiting for an opportunity to break out. With you the audience by our side anything is possible. Spread the word, tell your neighbours, family and friends.

If you know of someone, or a group that you feel is just itching to demonstrate their talents, please  contact us, we don’t bite, I promise.