Who We Are

It all began with my love of live music and supporting talented artists within my family.  Once a year in the summer months my garden was transformed with friends, family, good food and great live music and so, the Musical BBQ was born.  For over 5 years many artists graced our presence with their talent.  My musical family members, Tawiah, Dezert and Greedy have appeared regularly.  Other artists include Baby Sol, J’Nay (John Adeleye, X-Factor) and even Jessie J passed through my back garden to sing for my guests.

Each year the Musical BBQ grew until around 200 people descended on my humble abode in 2012.  My neighbours were very accommodating over the years, enjoying the live singing and questioning me about the performers the morning after – but I decided enough was enough!

It was the end of an era.  In my mind I did not want the wonderful event that I created to end.  So, after much thought I decided to look at hosting a regular non-BBQ alternative.

Trevor, a friend who had attended previous Musical BBQs and shared my vision came on board and together we set out how this new regular night would work.  Combining our ideas we launched Vocool, a night of talent, entertainment and good vibes.

The main emphasis is on talent, often unheard of, regularly untapped.  We promise to provide new and exciting singers, musicians, poets and comedians

We hope that you will join us and be entertained.  Listen, talk, share and let’s see where the Vocool experience takes us.